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Introduction of Petro Pala Toos Company

Petro Pala Toos Company was established in 2012 by Dr. Mohammad Parsa Sohrabi to supply the required equipment for oil, gas, petrochemicals and refineries in Tehran. In order to develop the ecosystem of start-ups and emerging businesses in the country’s oil and gas industry in the downstream area, the company succeeded in obtaining the license of the Oil and Gas Accelerator Innovation Center. In this regard, the center is ready to accept startup teams and industrial experts. The university has ideas and skills. For information about the services that can be provided, refer to the services page.

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Petro Palatus Innovation and Accelerator Center is responsible for holding events in this direction in order to strengthen new and emerging businesses as well as the development of innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem in the country’s oil and gas industry.

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Petro Pala Toos projects

gas sweetening

Using Znfe2O4 nanofilter

Synthesis of modified nanographene for adsorption of Caspian oil slicks

Design and synthesis of modified nano-graphene
And its adsorbent substrate to absorb stains
Oil residues on the surface of the Caspian Sea

Feasibility study and economic study to prevent burners (Feller)

Convert laboratory scale to semi-industrial and industrial

Feasibility study and economic estimation of making mobile sweetener

Feasibility study and economic estimation of sour gas sweetening methods

fields of activity

This center is aimed at strengthening the ecosystem of start-up businesses in the gas, oil and petrochemical industriesSpecializes in the following areas


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